Why You Shouldn’t Miss Your Dental Check-Up

July 25, 2020 by uSmile Dental
Why You Shouldn’t Miss Your Dental Check Up

Every 6 months, it’s time to visit your dentist for your regular dental check-up to keep your teeth and gums healthy. 

Some people go as long as three years or more without visiting their dentist. 

This may be because of their busy schedules, dental anxiety, and more. 

However, skipping your routine check-up can produce serious and unsightly consequences.

So, why shouldn’t you miss your dental check-up?

Preventive care

When you visit your dentist on a regular basis, any potential problem will be caught in the early stages.

Let’s take gum disease as an example. Gum disease has three stages – gingivitis, periodontitis and advanced periodontitis. If detected early, gingivitis can be addressed by just a thorough dental cleaning. If you skip your appointment, however, it can worsen and your teeth may need to be extracted eventually.

You can avoid this costly treatment and overall hassle if you go to your dentist when you are supposed to go.

Thorough cleaning

You may believe you’re thoroughly cleaning your teeth and gums, but really the oral care you do at home is still limited.

Plaque is a clear layer of bacteria which can harden and become tartar. You can’t just simply remove tartar with brushing and flossing. If plaque and tartar build up on your teeth, they can cause oral diseases. 

Dentists have the right training, tools and point-of-view to remove all these plaque and tartar which can cause oral problems. Powerful topical fluoride treatments are also administered to protect and strengthen your teeth from decay and tooth loss.

A visit to uSmile Dental for a dental appointment can ensure that all plaque and tartar are removed from your teeth.

Maintain fresh breath

Whether it’s because of onions on your burger or garlic in your steak, bad breath is an all time no-no. The most common cause of bad breath is the buildup of bacteria in the mouth.

Though there are various defenses against bad breath such as mouthwash, sometimes it just isn’t enough. During oral prophylaxis or simply dental cleaning, your teeth are cleaned thoroughly using products that are not available in stores. This removes plaque, tartar and bacteria that may be stuck in areas commonly missed by patients when they brush at home.

Screening for oral cancer

Just like you would go to a doctor for your general check-ups, you should visit your dentist to be screened for potential problems. Among the many health concerns that can be detected during a dental check-up is oral cancer.

Oral cancer is often deadly because many patients don’t seek help until the cancer is already aggravated. Early detection is always key to beating any disease such as this one. When you visit your dentist every six months, your dentist will be able to spot any progressing issues.


Even if your mouth is clean, regular cleanings are important to achieve a healthy smile. Skipping the occasional appointment may seem harmless, but your mouth will likely suffer the consequences, turning minor problems into major dental issues.

So are you due for a checkup & clean? We’d love to welcome you to uSmile Dental. We’re a progressive and gentle dental practice based in Hurstville. 

You can book your next checkup and clean online or by calling us on 8084 9118

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