Children's Dentistry
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Children's Dentist

Going to the dentist is already a scary and uncomfortable experience for many adults, so just imagine how it must feel for your little ones! USmile Dental understand the fears that parents and children alike have about going to the dentist, which is why we specialise in gentle and friendly children’s dentistry. Hurstville kids of all ages can have their needs attended to at USmile Dental, from the maintenance of baby teeth to the application of braces.

In addition to providing a safe and friendly check-up, we also help your child establish good oral hygiene habits that will foster good dental hygiene throughout their lives.

Children's Dentistry Hurstville

Our team are proud to provide specialist children’s dentistry in Hurstville,

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understanding the needs and concerns of children. From their first baby tooth at the age of 6 months to the eruption of pesky wisdom teeth during their teen years, we provide quality throughout your child’s development.

Spanning general check-ups, hygiene, orthodontics, mouthguards, wisdom teeth removal and emergency care, your child will be in safe hands at USmile Dental!

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Positive experiences with the dentist in childhood are essential to ensure going to the dentist does not produce feelings of anxiety throughout their lives. Whether it’s your child’s first visit to the dentist or they require specialist treatment, turn to USmile Dental to ensure your child receives the care they need. With child-friendly technology on hand and a caring attitude, count on USmile Dental for quality children’s dentistry in Hurstville.