How Is Your Invisalign Treatment Plan Made?

July 25, 2020 by uSmile Dental
How Is Your Invisalign Treatment Plan Made

With all the benefits of Invisalign – over traditional braces and other “DIY At-Home” aligners – such as more comfortable wear, better results and faster treatment time, it’s little wonder Invisalign has been the leader in its industry for years. Every Invisalign treatment plan is custom made by a dentist or orthodontist to suit the patient’s individual case.

Here’s how the Invisalign treatment process works: 

Getting A 3D Scan

The process starts with your dentist determining if you are a good candidate for Invisalign through an in-chair consultation. Your dentist will also conduct a digital scan of your teeth to produce accurate 3D images of your teeth. This information-gathering will let your dentist see whether your teeth will respond to this type of treatment. 

Custom Made For You
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When it has been determined that Invisalign is what you can go for, your dentist will start a detailed treatment plan for your teeth alignment, to map out the different stages of your teeth positioning.

Then, your personal Invisalign plan and instructions will be sent to the makers of Invisalign, Align Technology. Your custom aligners are made using Invisalign’s state-of-the-art printing process. A working model called a Clincheck will be sent to your dentist to be reviewed so they can see how the teeth will line up and the bite will come together based on the plans. 

If your dentist is not satisfied with the Clincheck or feels that changes should be made, the model can be revised and altered as many times as necessary to ensure the best possible result.

This detailed preparation allows you to see how your teeth will appear at the end of your orthodontic treatment which takes 12 months on average to complete.

After the Invisalign treatment plan has been approved by your dentist, aligners have been made, and the materials have been shipped to your Invisalign provider, treatment begins. 

You will be issued a set of aligners at each of your dental appointments. Dental check-ups are less often when you are wearing Invisalign as compared to when you’re wearing traditional braces.

Achieve A Beautiful and Confident Smile
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It is important to wear your aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day in order to get the best results. You can take them off when you’re brushing your teeth or when eating, and you should leave them on when you’re sleeping. 

Once treatment is complete, your smile should match the predicted outcome in the initial treatment plan. 

It is important to visit a dentist who is a certified Invisalign provider – here in Sydney, you can visit uSmile Dental based in Hurstville to start working on your new smile.

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