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Teeth Whitening

Are your teeth stained from years of smoking or enjoying life’s little pleasures like coffee, black tea or red wine? Do you find yourself covering your smile in photos or when you laugh because of your yellowing or stained teeth? If so, teeth whitening could be right for you!
Professional teeth whitening carried out by dentists is far safer and more effective than off-the-shelf solutions, allowing you to brighten up your smile and refresh your appearance for a long-term change.

Teeth Whitening Hurstville

The professional teeth whitening at Hurstville’s USmile Dental is tailored to you, getting you to a shade of white that looks natural on you. With various teeth whitening options being available, we are able to provide one that caters to you exactly.

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Professional whitening at a dentist provides more pronounced results than at-home whitening, as dentists have state-of-the-art equipment and high concentrations of active ingredients in the products they use. This means that often, just one in-chair session is enough to start seeing results. Protective gels are applied to your lips and gums, with aftercare instructions also being provided at the end of your treatment. Safety is our top priority, with our dentists operating in a regulated environment to

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minimise the likelihood of complications during your teeth whitening procedure.

Whether you’re looking for a touch up before a special occasion like a wedding or wish to completely transform your smile, USmile Dental will be able to assist with our teeth whitening in Hurstville as well as other cosmetic dentistry such as crowns, implants and veneers.