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At USmile Dental we have the training and expertise to ensure that we deliver a complete dental experience to Sydneysiders, young and old. With over 20 years of combined knowledge, along with our qualifications, we can deliver outstanding, professional, and pain-free dental improvement and restoration solutions that can improve the quality and condition of the oral environment.

Committed to returning the shine and quality back to your mouth after you have suffered through damage or deterioration the skilled dental professionals at USmile Dental can design and install a number of orthodontic treatment implants to fill in the gaps in your mouth.

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Completely covering a tooth or an implant, dental crowns fill in cavities left by plaque, making eating far more comfortable and improving the integrity of the affected teeth. Our crowns are tailored to suit the structure of our patient’s teeth for a seamless fit. Find out more about our exceptional crowns and dental implants by calling us on 02 8084 9118.